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Fleet Car Service

The Fargo–Moorhead Area’s Solution for Business Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

Your livelihood depends on the reliability of your business’s vehicles. Whether you and your team members utilize cars, vans or trucks, you know that a breakdown can easily spell the difference between a satisfied client and a missed obligation.

Don’t let mechanical failures jeopardize your bottom line and harm the good faith you have built with your clients. If you keep or operate your business vehicles within the greater Fargo–Moorhead area, then Auto Solutions is standing by to make certain you never miss a delivery or appointment again!

The Auto Solutions Approach Makes All the Difference

Auto Solutions offers a full-service approach to vehicle repair and maintenance. Our garage is located only three minutes northwest of Downtown Fargo, and here we keep all the state-of-the-art tools and equipment we need to address any and all mechanical issues quickly, completely and affordably.

Auto Solutions has been in business for over one decade. Our diligent career mechanics share nearly half of a century’s worth of experience, and we take immense pride in diagnosing and repairing each vehicular issue right the first time. We always endeavor to provide customer service that goes above and beyond. Ask for no less when it comes to your all-important business fleet!

We Service All Types of Business Vehicles

We take similar pride in the versatility of our service. Many of our clients keep only a handful of sedans on the road. Many others manage a large fleet of box vans and light trucks in the course of their regular business. But whichever vehicles keep your business moving, you can place full faith in Auto Solutions’ time-tested formula for success.

We Value Your Business

We are a locally owned and operated company, and we accordingly understand just how important our work is to other Fargo–Moorhead area businesses. We know you need repairs performed fast. We know you need repairs that will last. And above all else, we know you expect to pay a fair price for your auto mechanic’s services. These are our values. And whether you wish to understand the exact nature of each of your vehicles’ issues or simply pay and be on your way, Auto Solutions always provides the answer!

Don’t Wait for Issues to Arise on Their Own!

We’re eager to make any vehicle run like new again. But we fully believe in Benjamin Franklin’s great words: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s why we also offer preventative maintenance that will keep a fleet of any size fully operational – without the need for inconvenient on-the-fly repairs. We welcome you to schedule regular check-ups on all your business vehicles at intervals which work around your unique needs and schedule. Our expert mechanics will nip any potential problem in the bud!

Please contact Auto Solutions today to schedule repairs or preventative maintenance for your fleet of business vehicles!